Merry Christmas!!


(God With Us)


Guarding the Heart

Top Security Issues

Prov 4:23

Above all else, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life. NIV

A Word for 2018

A word for 2018

The Greatest Day EVER!

Christmas Day

How to walk in the true SPIRIT of Christmas.

Christmas day has to be the greatest day ever. It's the day God sent His Son, His only Son to save all of humanity. It's the day God chose to Bless all of mankind.  Christmas day, the day Jesus Christ was born here on earth. The day God gave all of  mankind a way to be in right relationship with Him through the birth of His Christ. This makes it the greatest day for  the whole world. So there can be no doubt Christmas day is the greatest day ever in all of History.

Day Old Bread

Day Old Bread

Day Old Bread: Right now the Lord Jesus Christ is generating new life in and through you. Everyday we have the ability to touch the fresh (new) life of God. While we know the laws of degeneration are always against us, they can not be linked to our Lord. There is no death, decaying or anything that can be said to be old or stale.

Rom 6:4 AMP

Thoughts After Being With Persecuted Christians

Blurring the Lines

Blurring the lines:I am writing this as an observation not a reaction. Having come back from my second mission trip to ***** I can not help but examine and question my Christian walk. Being around a persecuted people you clearly see what it means to have religious freedom and how certain freedoms are just plain taken for granted.