Rubicon News Update

Rubicon Update

So sorry it’s been a few months since I gave an update, however I do want to keep those interested in Rubicon’s latest news. I hope this update finds you doing well and enjoying life, post pandemic. I say “post” because it seems here in Kentucky things are getting pretty much back to normal (or as some are saying “the new normal”), as it can be after the year we just went through. I recently posted an article to Rubicon’s website entitled “What do you expect” to help get people thinking again about what to expect from God. So many people had their expectations crushed or put on hold for a solid year that they kind of forgot what to expect and maybe even lowered them. But now is the time to re-evaluate and re-align your expectations, even be bold enough to raise them because you know what Jesus is capable of doing for you and with you. He never quit on you nor did His expectations change concerning your life. He is still the same as He was yesterday, today, and He will be the same powerful, loving Lord tomorrow. Be sure when you get time to read the article.

Well last year as some of you know I had to cancel three mission trips due to covid restrictions. So I started doing short videos called faith builders. With these I then started a YouTube channel and thanks to help from Daniel Boone and Tomahawk his web company, Rubicon put up a new website. I also finally finished the 5th book in our discipleship series. This one took about a year or so because I felt it was the most important one to a disciples growth so I made sure of what to say hoping to get to the heart of the subject of servanthood. It should be available within the next couple of weeks. I have already begun inquiring once again about future mission trips to help in training the saints. Since there has been nothing to open up I have started on another training book. This one is on hearing the voice of God, I don’t have a title yet but should have it out by the end of year along with another Christmas book. Of course Rubicon has for a couple of years been supporting a program in Costa Rica which feeds children in impoverished areas. All and all I am still staying busy here with Rubicon Ministries Churches and Ministries International.