Our Free Book To You (13-15)

Chapter 13

It's The Least I Can Do


There can be no doubt as to the greatest realm a person can walk on planet earth than that of a servant. A huge portion of our Christian walk is learning how to be His servant. Jesus Himself said He didn't come to be served but to serve and to give His life as a ransom for many. If you have been a Christian for any time at all you know this is one of the greatest of all truths with Jesus being the greatest example of what this means. He said the greatest is the servant. If Jesus said the greatest is the servant and He was the greatest of all servants ever to walk this earth, then what would be the greatest position in life we could ever teach our children? To raise our children up in the ways they are to go and they will never depart from it, a servant heart has to be at the top of the list in what to raise them up into.

The world is constantly pounding on us as well as our children to think about self first. Being self centered is a prevalent attitude in our society. We have more and more people with a self entitled mentality. They feel they are owed something, and that someone else is suppose to take care of their problems and situations. While we know these are all wrong attitudes, it is the one who can think about others first and serve others that God honors. 

Our children, as adults, will be faced with the decision all the time, “Do I serve, or is this something I can ignore and walk away from?” Granted there will always be those times that we can say no and teaching our children to discern the difference in those instances is imperative.The first year of our christian life was so hard discerning between what is being a true servant and what isn’t.  Learning this area was tough. There were so many times we knew God was tugging at our hearts to serve and training our hearts to die to self. However we needed to learn when it was okay to say no and not feel guilty of being self centered or thinking God was not pleased. It’s just as important to learn when to say no to those who are trying to manipulate you or use you, but it is equally important to be free enough to let it go and be that servant, ultimately knowing God sees. We have Jesus as the greatest example of a life devoted to serving His Father.  This is what we need to impart to our children from a young age. 

We were constantly doing all we could to demonstrate and teach our children what it was to be a servant in His Kingdom, our will being His will.  As parents we took our children with us most of the time when we did things that would be considered serving others like Christ, from feeding the poor to missions in a foreign country or just helping those around us.  We worked with them the best we could at imparting how to die to self and live for Christ as His servant. We wanted them to know how to balance the pressures of life without being guarded, selfish and self centered the way the world wants them to be. We would teach them how to stay focused as a servant while being able to discern when to say no without feeling condemned. 

An important point to make here is you just don't get a servant heart, to have this kind of heart you must practice being a servant.

Christ is our example, as parents we are to be the example to our children. The area of serving cannot just be taught but must be demonstrated. When our children were small we would take them with us, as they grew they learned what a servant heart was by always being around an environment where it was practiced. They slowly grew up knowing how to help their fellow man. The greatest joy through all of this is when you see your children doing it on their own. Not having to be told but readily volunteering. We have seen our children help many people over the years and to tell their stories here would be endless. Even today we see them  with a good heart gladly volunteering to help. They not only know how to serve, but they are truly His servants.  They are now the example demonstrating a servant's heart.  

So yes, absolutely, if we were to go back and raise our children again we would see this as even more important than we did. We would do more in demonstrating and more in teaching them what it really means to be a servant of Jesus Christ in the way the bible reveals it, and the way Jesus demonstrated it. We know to teach our children this we will be raising true champions. If our children are going to succeed in life then it is of the utmost importance that  they know how to be servants in His Kingdom. 

Chapter 14

A Glass Half Full


We need to train our children that Attitude is Everything. The attitude of the world is always trying to mold and shape their way of thinking and acting. But God has said we are overcomers, more than conquerors, and with Him all things are possible. This truth is what needs to be stressed over and over to our children. 

The world wants everyone to be victims and with that comes the victim attitude. The world’s attitude is, it's not your fault, blame someone else, you're not responsible. The world is always trying to take life from us. The world’s ways are a glass half empty, never half full. A negative lifestyle keeps a person down. How many times do we meet people, full grown adults, who are just down, negative, believing whatever is next is going to be worse. They wonder why they just can't catch a break. Their speech is always agreeing that doom and gloom is coming. Their attitude in life is awful. They seem to always be a victim of something conspiring against them. You even meet Christians like this and wonder what Bible they are reading.

When raising our daughters we would teach them to watch what they say, to always believe in and trust God. When they would say something negative, we would respond with, okay let's pray and agree for that.  Of course they would roll their eyes at us and hear the words they spoke and realize it left no room for God to move. The best is when they would use it back on me, catching me speaking the wrong thing and respond with, “Okay Dad, do you want me to pray and agree for that with you?.”  We have always tried to teach our daughters that through the trials and tests, as well as the good times, God is able. We encouraged them to keep the right thoughts and attitude, to believe God for the outcome. We taught them that with God it's possible to turn any situation in life around and even if it doesn't seem to turn, we can still walk through it with a faith filled attitude. 

We are not  victims.  Life can sure beat us up at times, but we can still keep a good faith filled attitude. It’s this attitude that carries us so much further in life. An attitude that still looks to God and trusts He is there and working on our behalf to overcome. This kind of faith filled attitude takes practice and training.

It is imperative that our children know, with God it is possible, and we need to constantly impart this truth into them. As parents, we need to teach them not to let the world empty their glass, no matter what happens in life, God is on their side and He is filling it. Make sure they know that it isn’t God who is draining their glass. Even as young children you need to get them looking at scriptures and confessing them as the only truth that matters. As they agree with those scriptures and you believe with them, this will encourage that positive faith filled attitude. This is how we can help them build their belief system.

One of our daughters had warts covering both hands, I think we counted 28 to be exact.  It seemed like all of the sudden they appeared. So we began applying wart medicine to them one by one. I had been in prayer that morning and God convicted me for simply tolerating those warts.  As she was going for the cabinet which contained the medicine I called to her. I told her God wanted to heal her hands and we needed a miracle because it would take forever for them to go away using that medicine. I asked her if she wanted to pray for them to go away and she said she did, so we prayed and cursed them together. They didn’t belong on her hands and God didn’t want them there either. I encouraged her to pray every night when she went to bed over her hands and I would do the same.

One day while in the kitchen a couple of weeks later, she walked in to get something and suddenly I remembered her hands. I whipped around and asked her about her hands and she looked at them and said, “Mom, the warts are completely gone!” I ran over to look at them and I looked at her and said, “You will always have this testimony that God cares about you and He is the one who healed you today.” Those hands were back to normal and we were so thankful.

Our children need to know God always has the last word. They need to believe God always has the best in mind for them. He always has a plan. There were many times we would get our daughters to pray and believe God for things, and God would answer.  We continually found the best ways to reiterate this over and over to them. It is important that they maintain the attitude that God’s ability is their ability. They must know that God is for them and no one is greater than God. Keeping that faith filled attitude in our children is what produces the overcomer.

 As adults we know what the world can throw at us, but the more we know how to combat it the sooner we rise above it. Teaching this to our children is a must. Having that faith filled positive attitude that no matter what the situation, my God can turn this around or change it completely. Our children need to be taught to read, believe, and confess His words, knowing that He will do it. They need to know He will help them to rise above their situation and this is the attitude which will carry them throughout life.

As a result in teaching and training our children in these truths they will know when discouraging things happen how to encourage themselves. They will know how to build themselves back up in Christ. They will be able to get themselves back on the right path through thinking, speaking and believing for the best again. They will know to have faith in God and  to keep a positive attitude toward life.

 So, if we were to go back and raise our children again, we would definitely spend even more time with them in the Bible. Because we know there is nothing more important than learning the Word of God and how to use it properly. In fact you cannot teach them to have a faith filled attitude without the Bible being center stage. We would spend more time showing them how to confess and believe His Words and training this into them as an absolute necessity. We know His word has everything they will ever need to stay encouraged, full of faith, and convinced about God being with them and blessing their lives.  We would train them to be more aggressive than we did, to catch any negative thoughts and discouraging words and as a result turning them around by faith to see God filling their glass.

Chapter 15

Making A Difference 


Hopefully these 12 truths have enlightened you and maybe even inspired you. Our desire is to be of help to those raising children in today’s society. It is, at times, a challenging responsibility but the rewards are immense. Remember our children are not a burden but an amazing gift and powerful blessing from God. Your children are an extension of yourself being sent into this world, therefore raising them with the right mindset will cause them to have good and productive lives as adults.

As we said at the beginning of this book there is no perfect parent and as such you will make mistakes from time to time. But be encouraged with God’s grace and His strength you will raise up children who are champions with a great heart and attitude. Let’s believe to see world changers, children coming forth who will make a difference in our society and grow one healthy generation after another. 

We have a Facebook page for any thoughts or suggestions.  You may have a tip on how to bring out some of these truths for other parents navigating the same areas, please feel free to find us and let us hear from you.

Listed below are the 12 truths to pull out occasionally and double check yourself. 

  1.     Loving Environment

  2.     Having the Right Image

  3.     Father’s Heart

  4.     Being Gracious

  5.     Thankful Heart

  6.     Quality Time

  7.     Enjoying Your Children

  8.     Manners

  9.     A Giving Heart

  10.    Friends and Relationships

  11.    Servant Heart

  12.    Faith Filled Attitude