A Word for 2020

What I believe the Lord revealed to me for 2020.

Scriptures: Proverbs 12:8, John 8:12 (second part of scripture), Hebrews 4:12, and 5:14

  1. There will be greater light on the truth as well as on the lie. Those with truth will be seen and heard for their truth and those of a perverse tongue will be seen for their lies. 

  2. A time to look up to our God not look around. 

  3. A time to focus on going deeper in hearing His Words and a time for His people to step out and act on His Words not hold back. There will be a greater grace in this area for those who pursue this.

  4. A time of His favor covering His people like a blanket. Those who are following will have the light to see and enjoy His hand on their life.

"My light will be seen just as a giant spotlight searching to find, for I will illuminate all things. And it is My light that will bring life. As My light beams, My wisdom will be seen, as will those without My wisdom. Many know Me and proclaim Me as the light, yet do not follow Me and My light does not benefit them. Their decisions and actions reveal who and what they are following. They do not reveal the wisdom I send from above. For those who love My Words, it will be a time of favor and great insight as to the events and things happening. For loving My Words shows the love they have for Me. I will be their light and I will be their life. My Words always reveal what needs to be known as they also reveal what has been hidden and cannot be seen. My light penetrates all things, even the depths of all hearts. This will be a season of amazing benefits derived from My Words. Let My Words divide, do not fear them, embrace them, let them cut away what needs to be discarded. My Words are designed to bring you into more light, more of My wisdom, and this is what brings you closer to Me. Let Me do the work and I will be the filter for what you hear and see. There are many who proclaim to know Me but do not have My filtering system.  Yet it is My filter that guards and protects. My people, when I judge the thoughts and intentions of the heart it is from My love so I can bring you closer and teach you what you do not know and give to you what you do not have. So learn of My ways and allow My Words of truth to penetrate and then see the unending, unlimited favor of My love surround you.”