Rubicon Ministries

May we say thank you, thank you, thank you!  Again, a super, abundant thank you for your friendship, prayers, and support. We really do not think you can ever say, “thank you” enough. It's been an amazing year so far for us personally and with Rubicon ministries as well.  But before we go into all the latest things happening we wanted to express our gratitude. Through you (our partners), with your prayers and financial support of this work we have been able to accomplish the continued growth of Rubicon Ministries. We are so very grateful for all of you in our lives.   

Update: These past few months have been busy, as some of you may know, the vision of Rubicon is to write simple training books for the nations. In doing so we want to help teach, train, and equip those in other countries with printed material in their language to distribute at no charge, literally giving them away for free.  So at the time of this letter, we have a five book series on discipleship of which books 1,2, and 4 (English) are available on Amazon Kindle. Of these, book 2 is available in Spanish and Portuguese on Amazon as well. While you may purchase them on Amazon inexpensively we are more than willing to offer them free of charge to you, please let us know. Also on Kindle we have  an encouraging book on raising children (English). We do not claim to be the experts on this subject. However, having raised 6 children we asked ourselves what were the most important truths which we would recommend to any parent in raising children. So we have 12 truths we think will encourage anyone who is raising theirs.

      We have finally been able to start printing our books this year in other languages.  We printed up book 2 (Praise) of our series on discipleship in Spanish and Portuguse. We have been giving away the Spanish version and we were able to get the Portuguese version into Brazil last month where 100 copies were given away. We are still working on getting all of the training books translated. Only a couple of weeks ago we received back the finished translation of book 1 (Discipleship) in Spanish and Portuguese and hope to have them out on Kindle in the next couple of weeks. We are also in the editing stages of book 3 (The Word) of the series in English and should have it available on Kindle within the next couple of weeks.

      It is a lengthy process to do these books.  Aside from the many hours of writing and editing you have to format them for the different digital readers out there and then have them translated. We then must have them checked to make sure the translation is good and then reformat them for printing. It has been a huge learning process for both of us. However it has been rewarding to finally see books printed in another language and distributed for free.



A Privilege:  Rubicon over the past year and half has also taken on food programs to feed children in other countries. We are currently supporting two programs, one is in the slums of an inner city where sometimes the only meal they get that day is from this program. Another one we are supporting is in a drug infested area working with at risk children. Both are not only feeding these children but they are being taught the Bible as well.  As part of the vision of Rubicon we hope to keep expanding our support of ministering to children in any way possible.

Our Projection: We hope to have book 1 in our series printed up in Spanish and Portuguese. Our goal is to take the Spanish version into Costa Rica within the next two months and have the Portuguese version in Brazil where we distributed Book 2 already. We also hope to have Book 3 and 4 translated in Spanish and Portuguese by the end of this year.


Our Commitment to You: We know the Lord has blessed us in these endeavors and will continue to bless us but our personal prayer is that you will truly see the Lord’s hand of favor on your lives as well. Bettye and I pray for you and are standing with you to see all of what God has called you to do come to complete fruition in your lives. As the Lord instructed Moses in how to bless His People, both Bettye and I pray this for you as well.

“May The Lord bless you and keep you; May the Lord make his face shine upon you, and be gracious to you; May the Lord turn his face toward you and give you peace." (Num 6:24-26)


We Thank you so very much

In Your Service

Kim and Bettye Carroll


>> If you would like to financially support Rubicon Ministries and partner with us in these projects, you may give through our website (rubiconministries.com) or (easiest) text 859-279-4090, or send checks to Rubicon, 2410 Tulsa Rd. Lexington,KY 40503<<