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Book Project

Rubicon’s Vision to Provide  Our Training Materials in Other Languages For Free


We began a writing project to provide free training materials in other languages to those who do not have access to such resources. We started this project a year ago and are quite excited about it!


The first books in this project is our five book series on Discipleship, Praise (Spending Time With God), His Word, Faith and Servanthood. They are written in an easier format to help new believers. They are not meant to be deep theological books but are just simple training material. We have found in many countries who need such materials there is very little in their language and  if they could get materials they cannot afford them.


So we starting paying for professional translations of these books. We have our first one of the series in Spanish, Portuguese, and working on one in Mandarin Chinese. This first book on "Praise" is available at Amazon if you are interested. Our second book on "Faith" will be available next week at Amazon and we are working on the translation in Spanish.   


Kim is scheduled to travel to **** (if you followed his travels you know which country this is) in early August and he will be taking our first printed books in Spanish with him to distribute for free.  Up to now, with the help of a couple of friends and Kim working a part time job, we have managed to pay for all of this. However we could use some help. The professional translation and paperback printing does cost and we would love to see if any of you would be interested in helping with this project. If you are interested in partnering with us financially we would be so grateful.  You can give either through,

Text: 859 279-4090, type in amount and screen will appear with info needed

Click on -Support- here at our website

Mail: Make checks to Rubicon or RCMI, send to --2410 Tulsa Rd,  Lexington Ky 40503




Feeding Children

I am sure most of you are aware of the starvation happening in Venezuela at this time. We had little knowledge of this when it was brought to our attention a few months ago. Another ministry approached us to see if we had any contacts in Venezuela because they were wanting to help. As it turned out after contacting a pastor we knew there in Caracas Venezuela, he told us about feeding programs they have started for children in their Churches. Here is his actual words taken from our conversation via internet. He gives us his view of what is happening and their needs.

“Here in Venezuela the situation is very desperate for many

According to studies about half of the population have lost as much as 20 pounds
Of weight

30 % of children under 5 suffer from malnutrition. Their brains are damaged permanently. It's unbelievable the damage that this dictator is able to do

We are sitting on a lake of petroleum and people are going hungry it's crazy

Well what you could do is help with food

We have people in our churches who could be helped

The most needy among us will appreciate that

We are feeding 40 children once a week, Plus their mothers who help with the cooking”

(in one place)

“In another place it's 54 children plus mothers: 60 people. Five lunches from Monday to Friday

Total Cost is approximately $82 a week for 60 people.

It doesn't seem costly but minimum salary here is less than $7 a month”

There was more in my conversation with this pastor, but I think you get the the idea of what's happening. We saw the opportunity to be a blessing so Bettye and I prayed and felt we would help them personally. Through word of mouth we had people ask us how they could give. So we decided to involve our ministry Rubicon as well. We get a little money on a monthly basis given to Rubicon so part of this now goes toward this program. So I approached the pastor to see if it was okay to post these things in hopes of encouraging others to give. He said that would be fine. We have opened this door up to any who would like this opportunity to give in helping to feed children. Our goal right now is to try to provide for 180 children per week($246).  If you are interested in partnering with us financially and specifically want to support the feeding program in Venezuela, please let us know how to direct your contribution.


Here is how you can give if you are interested.

Text: 859 279-4090, type in amount and screen will appear with info needed

Click on -Support- here at our website

Mail: Make checks to Rubicon or RCMI, send to --2410 Tulsa Rd,  Lexington Ky 40503