A Word For 2021

A Word for 2021

“It is time for My Sons and Daughters to come forth in the knowledge of My Spirit. I am bringing new sons and daughters born into My family  into the family business and letting them experience the work of My Kingdom. I am establishing a new tier of Kingdom workers. I am bringing a freshness of My Spirit through them to renew my work.  This is a year of My business and those who are led by My Spirit will know My business. This will be a year of great Kingdom business for those who know the business of My Kingdom. I will bring forth a new strength in planting and establishing My work for those who are led of My Spirit.  I will reveal where and when to plant, I will say to put a seed here and put a seed there. I will reveal what are weeds to Me and what weeds need to be pulled and cleaned out of My garden at this time. While the Kingdom remains the same in heaven, all things of the earth need renewed from time to time, and it is so with my Kingdom business here on earth. All of My workers, those who know My business, I am bringing a freshness of My Spirit and a renewal of my work. I am giving a new charge to those workers who have been in my garden doing the work, it is time to step up and encourage the new workers to come forth with power and discernment. Leading them and teaching them the way My Spirit works. My heart is for My family, My children to be involved in our family’s business. So it is time to flow with My Spirit, to engage in the ways of My Spirit. Those with this knowledge will find My rest and My peace. For this is where you will find My strength in the midst of a changing world.”


In the sower and the seed, the second seed was an emotional commitment, when the feeling was gone, so was the commitment. We must be committed, no matter the price, then we have the right to the emotion. God wants us to be completely overwhelmed with the experience of what His Spirit brings to our emotions but He wants us to be committed to His plan first. We need solid commitments to do for Him what He asks, being committed whether we had the experience or not.

It is time for the true Kingdom seekers to come forth in God’s Building plans.

It’s time for the true servant heart to come forth, doing it for the Lord, satisfied with being seen by Him not man, not looking for any recognition, doing it anonymously.


Rom.8:14-17, Gal.4:4-7, Eph.3:14-16, Jn.8:35-36, Lk.12:32, Eph. 1:5-6, Phil. 2:13