Men Of God

Devoted to principles, rules or laws that keep us strong and ready to serve. 

Becoming a Wall Builder

In Old Testament times, major cities would often be fortified with large stone walls surrounding them. The erection of these walls was no doubt labor-intensive, time-consuming and expensive.

Hearing and Obeying

The Lord will speak to you in any situation if we can listen. Just as Jeremiah had a dynamic relationship with the Lord, God desires the same with us. What would be the outcome to Jeremiah if he ended just with the waistband?

Men of Character

Holding true to God’s Ways and His Words is a must, but holding to who you believe you are before God as well as those around you, is also a must. Being faithful to God but also faithful to yourself is true character. This is what makes us a two edged sword. I would like to…

Real Men

Real men of God know that they are not just drifting in life. They are SENT by God to represent Him in this world. When examining the scriptures you will see that God the Father sent Jesus, Jesus sent the 12, then sent the 72. He then told the 120 to wait for power to go and…