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Get in shape

By: Kim Carroll

Time to drop the weight. Nobody likes to be fat. Oh, excuse me, overweight. I know with some this is a touchy area. But if you are serious about dropping the weight and getting into shape you will have to get over this. So let's hit this thing right on the head, the reason you're touchy is your pride. There, we covered the biggest part. The truth is anyone can lose weight, but you must be willing to do what's necessary. Most are not, and stay overweight. It just seems like such a huge undertaking, and after all I'm not that overweight. Of course there are hundreds of good excuses, but all they will do is keep you fat. Oh, sorry, overweight. Let a few years go by and you're a few pounds heavier, and so on, and so on. When I was in my twenties, I had this friend who was FAT. He was obese, multiple pounds and rolls, overweight, you get the picture. He could put food away like nobody's business. Well, I got married and had not seen him in about a year. He called and we got together one day and he was multiple pounds and rolls thinner. I was shocked, it was that dramatic. We are talking like well over 100 pounds or more. Of course I had to ask, how did you do this? What he told me, I have hung onto all my life. He said that you can try all the diets, methods, fads and trends you want, but if you want to lose weight you have to quit eating. You must burn more than you consume. Now at this time in my life I wasn't overweight. But later on in years I started to struggle with being heavier than I really should be. Yes, I would reason in my head all the same excuses. But I finally said enough. There I was looking at a new pair of pants and size 40, which was far from my golden years waistline. Something hit, clicked, or the light came on as you might say. I put the pants back and dropped 42 pounds. Now this was not overnight, more like 3 months. I told myself I would never go above a certain weight and never did again. But recently, as I've aged I noticed I was not really in that great of shape and found it hard to be real active like I used to be. Again, the light came on and I dropped almost 30 pounds. Before you say, no, that had to be difficult, I am in a 34 waist line and they are loose on me. I had to quit eating and burn more than I was consuming. Amazing how my friend's words are still true to this day. No, this didn't happen overnight. It took about 3 months this time. But I want to offer this hope to those out there who struggle, it can be done, if you want it. I am not a health expert, nor a trainer, medical professional or anything close. I am someone who likes food, all kinds of food. But I am someone who is at a weight that he hasn't seen in 20 years, since my late 30’s. I am saying you or anyone else can do this. You need to hear the words of my friend, you have to quit eating and burn more than you consume. Whether you make up your own path, or use a tried and tested diet of some sort, you must eat less and burn more. Here are a few things to help you, if you're serious.

1. Decide

You have to make a decision. I'm not talking just thinking about it, but a quality decision. One that says I will do it. Don't tell yourself next week will be a better time to make a decision. Next week never comes, it leads into another week and then another and you never do it. No, decide, now, I will !!

2. Determine

Determine that you will fight the attacks, lies, excuses, that say you can't or won't make it. It isn't always going to be easy, but you must determine when it is hard, you will stay the course. All those excuses are still right there waiting to be used, and you have used them before, which makes it easier to use. Determine I will finish what I started.

3. Discipline and Consistency

Start somewhere and don't be discouraged if you have to go all the way back to baby steps. I once started and could only walk two laps at a local park. But eventually, I got to where I am running 6 miles. No, it didn't happen overnight. I slowly progressed and sometimes it seemed discouraging, but I disciplined my mind and no matter what, I would stay consistent. Start somewhere and discipline your mind to stay consistent.

4. Destiny

Have a goal that you're going to reach with your weight. Have a faith goal. Have a finish in mind. Have a picture of what you will look like when finished. If need be, have two or three demarcations to get to the place you want to be in your weight. Reward yourself with each demarcation. Your mind’s eye or perception is a powerful tool.

Please don't judge me, I was not trying to give you some cheesy 4 D’s. Although they will help you remember and they do work.

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