This section is devoted to guides and principles to a Godly healthy family.

If I Were To Raise My Family Again Pt 2

I would spend more quality time getting to know them. This is a little harder to describe. I would spend much more time just being with them, playing, conversing, just being together.

If I Were To Raise My Family Again Pt 1

I am not going to claim to be the perfect parent. This article is not about me being the best at parenting. I made many mistakes and have even told my oldest in humor, “honey your mother and I had to learn on someone”. I once heard a Christian leader state, that if there is anything you could tell your first born later in life, it’s that you are sorry. So please don’t think I am coming from an “I know and you don’t” mentality. Instead, I am admitting I now know these are the areas that are really important and if I could go back and do it all again, these are the areas I would do better.